Xfinity Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Xfinity Mobile cell phone plans feature unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data, with access to over 18 million hotspots.

Xfinity Mobile cell phone plans

Comcast launched Xfinity in 2017. Comcast launched Xfinity in 2017. This is Verizon’s network, which currently tops our list of the top cellphone providers. Comcast subscribers are the only ones who can access Xfinity Mobile as part of a bundle deal. To sign up for Xfinity Mobile, you will need to have Comcast Internet and be signed up for Comcast.

Subscribers have the option of choosing between unlimited data plans or paying only for what they use. Unlimited text and talk are included regardless of the data plan. Xfinity Mobile subscribers also get access to up to five lines at no additional cost.

Xfinity Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Xfinity Mobile offers two types of plan options: unlimited and by-the-gig. The Unlimited plan costs $45 per month if you bundle your mobile service with Xfinity TV and internet or home phone service. You will be charged an additional $25 per line if you don’t bundle your cell service with Xfinity TV, internet, or home phone service. When comparing the costs of cell phone plans, it is important to consider Xfinity’s lowest price offer.

Xfinity Mobile cell phone plans

Those who use fewer data will love Xfinity Mobile’s “by-the-gig” plans. These plans allow you to pay $15 per month for 1 GB, $30 per month for 3 GB, and $60 per month for 10 GB. Xfinity Mobile offers households a lot of flexibility. Customers can mix and match plans, assigning different amounts of data to each line that is connected to a single account. One line can be assigned to an unlimited plan, while another line can be assigned to a pre-gig plan. This makes it an excellent choice for households that may need more or fewer data during a billing cycle. You can adjust your data plan at no extra charge if you notice that you have to do so during the month.

Xfinity Mobile unlimited plans

We should also highlight another feature of Xfinity Mobile plans. Xfinity Mobile is one of few companies that offers high-performance cellular services without requiring a contract. Customers can test the service before they commit to a long-term contract and take on high cancellation fees.

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Xfinity Mobile Coverage

Xfinity Mobile customers have access to Verizon’s LTE network in select cities and 5G service elsewhere.

Xfinity Mobile’s unique feature is its ability to connect to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the country. You don’t need cellular data when you connect to one of these hotspots. This is one way that this service can help you save money.

These Wi-Fi hotspots have helped me to keep my monthly data usage down to less than 1GB over my two years of being a customer. Overall, I was satisfied with the performance of data, call, and text.

Xfinity Mobile: Bottom line

If you are an existing Xfinity residential internet customer and do not require more than three lines, Xfinity Mobile may be the right choice. Combining the Verizon network with millions of Xfinity hotspots and the low pricing of one-to-three-line plans, you will get excellent service across the U.S.A without having to pay the high prices of major mobile providers.

Unless you pay an additional $20/mo, you will need to deal with Xfinity’s throttling if you exceed 20GB monthly data.

The By the Gig plan is a great option if you don’t need a lot of data at first. It offers up to 3GB per month for $30 with no throttling, and better quality video streaming.

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