Ting Cell Phone Plans

Ting Mobile is a carrier that uses Both Verizon and T-Mobile’s nationwide network to provide service. Find out more about Ting cell phone plans.

Ting cell phone plans

Ting, a new addition to the telecom industry, offers unique features that make it a great phone service provider. Ting was founded in 2012 and relies on Sprint’s infrastructure to deliver its services to customers, depending on what phone they use.

Ting is a month-to-month, no-contract service that allows users to purchase a $1 SIM Card for any applicable phone or to use an existing or new phone by connecting to their services. Ting plans is compatible with all smartphones, even older models. It also offers affordable service and purchase of practical and utilitarian flip phones.

Ting is also proud to be an advocate of net neutrality. Ting refuses to block or throttle internet access. Consumer Reports ranks Ting among the top three mobile service providers, beating the majority of established mobile service providers.

Ting is typically more affordable than other monthly no-contract mobile phone service providers and has fewer issues with billing and service. Ting partners with YouTube influencers and other social media outlets to offer discount codes and sponsorship to creators.

Ting Cell Phone Plans

Ting Mobile does not offer any prepaid cell phone plans. Ting Mobile charges only what you use. Instead of paying upfront for a package, and risking losing call minutes, text, and data, Ting Mobile does not charge for prepaid plans.

The website also has a bill estimator that will allow you to see what you might be paying. The cost for a single line is $6 per month. Additional lines will be charged the same amount. It’s worth noting that there are no charges for voice minutes, text messages, or data usage. If you only need to use your phone in an emergency, you might end up paying $6 per month.

You’ll need to use voice minutes, text, and data once a month. Ting Mobile is a good choice if you are a low user. You’ll pay $28 per month for 101-to 1000 texts ($5 per month), 101-to 500 voice minutes ($9 per month), or 101-to 500MB of data (between 101 and 500MB). If you spend less and use fewer voice minutes and text messages, your monthly bill will be $22 per month. This assumes that you still have access to 500MB of data.

Tiers are very well granulated from the beginning. You pay $6 per month more if you use between 501MB to 1GB of data. This is only valid for one month. Next month you will be billed for the same amount. Consumer Cellular uses a similar structure, except that if you move up to a higher tier, you are charged the same monthly unless you ask for the dropdown.

Ting cell phone plans

Ting Mobile is a great service, but it can get quite expensive for high-usage users. The only way to get unlimited voice and text is to pick the highest voice minutes (1001-to-2100, $35 per month) or the most text messages (2001–to-4800 text, $11 per month), along with a mid-range data limit (3GB, $30 per month). That adds up to $82 per month. Consumer Cellular offers a similar plan for $30 per month with unlimited voice minutes, unlimited texts messages, and 3GB of data.

Ting does not offer unlimited data plans. If you push the limit to 30GB, Ting Mobile will charge $10 per gigabyte for $300. Ting Mobile is not the right network for you if you are a more frequent user.

You can create custom alerts or hard usage caps in the Ting Dashboard if you are concerned about exceeding limits.

There are no data restrictions or throttling, and you can view as much video as you like. This is a benefit.

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Ting Mobile Coverage

Ting is covered on both Verizon and T-Mobile’s nationwide LTE networks. AT&T is the only network that Ting is not available on. Sprint devices are CDMA and T-Mobile devices are usually GSM.

Ting offers a handy feature that allows potential customers to access the coverage maps of both GSM devices and CDMA devices. This allows you to see how much coverage is available in your area and make an informed decision before you sign up.

Although 4G LTE is available in many areas, it all depends on your location. There will be no extra charges for roaming within the country, regardless of whether you are using Ting via a GSM network or CDMA network.

Both networks allow international roaming. International roaming on CDMA networks requires customers to have an LTE device.

Ting Mobile: Bottom Line

Ting, a mobile virtual network operator, relies on T-Mobile and Verizon networks to provide coverage. Starting for as low as $6 per month, plus unlimited usage, It’s a great fit for users who use text, talk, and data sparingly each month.

Ting has an intuitive dashboard that allows users to customize their notification alerts in case of heavy usage.

Ting offers many benefits to existing cell phone plans, including the ability to save money and the low monthly cost of a mobile virtual network operator.

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