T-Mobile Cell Phone Plans

T-Mobile has great pricing plans and perks that just might make up for its speed compared to Verizon. Check out the best T-Mobile cell phone plans available right now.

t-mobile cell phone plans

T-Mobile is one of the most important cellular networks in America and will continue to compete with AT&T and Verizon in the face of its merger with Sprint. T-Mobile cell phone plans offer unique benefits that you won’t find at any other carrier.

T-Mobile offers prepaid and no-contract plans as well as special phone plans for seniors. Many carriers will show you a price, but then add taxes, fees, and other unexpected charges to make it more expensive. T-Mobile’s flagship plans are priced at the price that you see. Taxes and fees will not be added to that price. T-Mobile’s other phone plans can make things more complicated, as they are often not as transparent about the final price.

T-Mobile Unlimited Plans

T-Mobile offers three main unlimited plans as well as special plans for senior citizens and military personnel. Automatic payments can help you save $5 per month on an unlimited plan. This price is for one line and does not include any discounts.

T-Mobile cell phone plans

T-Mobile Essentials| unlimited data | $60/month or $105 for four lines

Essentials, the cheapest unlimited data plan from T-Mobile, will cost you only $60 per month (or $105 per month for a 4-line plan). You get unlimited calls, texts, and 5G LTE data for that price. You will get only 50GB of premium data, which is available to prioritized customers who have the fastest speeds. Also, SD video streaming will not be available. You also won’t be able to use unlimited hotspots.

T-Mobile Magenta | unlimited data | $70/month or $140 for four lines

Magenta is T-Mobile’s middle unlimited data plan and offers the best value. It costs $70 per month for a single line or $140 for four. You get unlimited calls, texts, and data, but you are still limited to SD video streaming. You get 100GB of priority data and 5GB of high-speed data on your hotspot. Netflix Basic is also included for free if you have more than one line.

T-Mobile Magenta Max | unlimited data | $85/month or $170 for four lines

T-Mobile’s truly unlimited plan is $85 per month or $170 for four lines. Magenta Max costs $85 per month, which is quite a large investment. However, you get unlimited calls and texts, as well as unlimited data. Premium data has no caps. Netflix Basic accounts allow you to access one line of data, while Netflix Standard accounts can be used for multiple lines. Hotspot data can be increased to 40GB for high-speed data. You can also stream up to 4K UHD. This is the best T-Mobile option if you don’t care about cost.

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T-Mobile Unlimited 55 Plans

These plans are great for everyday consumers. T-Mobile can be a better choice if you meet certain criteria. Unlimited 55 is available only to households with two lines above 55. Every plan, Essentials, Magenta, and Magenta Max, has Unlimited 55 options. They cost $27.50 per line, $35 per line, and $45 each.

All three offer unlimited talk, text, and data on T-Mobile’s network. Five layers of protection against scamming are included. The essentials plan includes international texting, Magenta data, and Magenta Max data speeds.

Unlimit 55 highlights:

  • Unlimited text, talk, and data
  • Five layers of protection against scamming
  • SD streaming on Essentials & Magenta, HD streaming with Magenta Max

T-Mobile Military Plans

Veterans, active-duty military personnel, and their families may also save, but only for Magenta Max and Magenta Max plans. These options are available for accounts with four lines. Magenta Max will cost $140/month, while Magenta Plus with autopay costs $100. Magenta Max offers HD streaming, while the Magenta plan provides SD streaming. Both plans offer texting and data while abroad.

Highlights from the military:

  • Five layers of protection against scamming
  • HD streaming on Magenta Max, SD streaming on Magenta Max
  • Magenta Max has 3GB and Magenta Max has 20GB 4G hotspots
  • Four lines at $100 per month or $140 per line

T-Mobile Prepaid Plans

T-Mobile offers three Simply Prepaid plans that last 30 days: Simply Prepaid (Unlimited), Simply Prepaid Unlimited (Plus), and Simply Prepaid Limited Plus (Reduced). T-Mobile Connect plans come with unlimited talk, text, and you can choose between unlimited or 10GB of data. Plans start at $40 per month for one line with the 10GB plan. Prices go up to $50 for unlimited, and $60 for unlimited plus. The prices drop as you add lines. For example, for three lines, you would pay $100, $110, or $120 per month; for four lines, you would pay $130, $140, or $150 per month.

t-mobile cell phone plans

Simply Prepaid plans offer scam-blocking protection and mobile hotspot access data. However, the Simply Prepaid plan includes a 10GB data allotment. The unlimited plan offers unlimited hotspot data at 3G speeds. The unlimited plus plan provides access to 10GB 4G LTE hotspot data, later unlimited at 3G speeds. This is much more than T-Mobile Magenta plans. Simply Prepaid plans also come with unlimited music, which means that music streaming will not count towards your data. A data maximizer optimizes streaming videos at 1.5Mbps speeds to make high-speed data last longer.

T-Mobile Connect’s Simply Prepaid plans do not include international service. However, unlike T-Mobile Connect, you can buy add-ons like talk, text, and 5GB 4G data in Mexico or Canada for $5 per month. International calling costs $15 per month. T-Mobile’s three core plans are more expensive than Simply Prepaid plans. If you don’t want to go prepaid, it’s worth looking at other cell phone plans. You may experience slower data speeds when you are congested if your plan includes more than 50GB of data or a less-prioritized plan.

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Best T-Mobile MVNO

Tello Mobile

Tello Mobile

Tello allows you to create a customized plan that suits your needs. This can include unlimited data with 25GB and unlimited talk, text, and data. This unlimited plan is just $40, and it’s a great deal for anyone who needs lots of data.

You can also call unlimited to Mexico, Canada, or China with Tello This is an excellent bonus for anyone who wants to keep in touch overseas without the need to use a messenger app, or pay a per-minute rate.

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Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile, a prepaid carrier owned by T-Mobile, offers tons of data on all cell phone plans. For $30, the smallest plan provides 2GB of data. The next plan is 10GB for $40. This plan also includes unlimited music streaming. Unlimited data is available at $50 per month and $60 per month for the top two plans. The higher-priced plan includes more hotspot data (15GB instead of 5GB) and Amazon Prime service. This alone is worth upgrading if you already have Amazon Prime.

Metro by T-Mobile also offers a discount on each additional line that you add to your account. If your phone supports 5G, it is included.

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T-Mobile Coverage

T-Mobile’s coverage has improved significantly in recent years. Verizon was once the preferred carrier for best coverage. However, T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint and its launch of a nationwide 5G network has helped close the gap.

There are still areas where you won’t get Verizon or AT&T coverage in rural areas, but these areas are few and far between. It may be worthwhile to check the coverage on T-Mobile’s coverage maps if you frequently travel to rural areas.

T-Mobile: Bottom line

T-Mobile offers some of the most comprehensive offerings among all major carriers. This is a great option for data lovers thanks to its wide coverage and fast 4G LTE speeds. This is a unique service because it offers nationwide coverage of 5G.

Although T-Mobile cell phone plans are not inexpensive, they are diverse and offer a variety of options. There are discounts available for veterans, older people, and first responders. This network offers unlimited calls, text, and data. The phone selection is large enough to provide something for everyone.

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