Best International Cell Phone Plans

International roaming charges are not something to play with. Before you travel to another country, it is important to understand what your international roaming costs are. We have listed the best international cell phone plans available in 2021

best international cell phone plans

Your phone acts as a map, information source, and translator. International travel has never been easier or safer thanks to these modern conveniences. You will need to decide what you want to do with your international phone plan, whether you are going to spend a year abroad, becoming an ex-pat, or just traveling for a weekend.

Nobody wants to be inconvenienced while traveling internationally. It is obvious that we all need our smartphones while traveling. We need to have the best international phone plan. It helps businessmen connect with their clients. It is essential for some people to be able to communicate with their family back home or take photos of their travels.

Best International Cell Phone Plans in 2021

Verizon TravelPass

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TravelPass, a service offered by Verizon, is based on a daily fee for each day you use your phone. You can also sign up for a monthly package if you’re traveling abroad. You can take your data, voice, and text allowances overseas with you. This allows for 4G/LTE coverage to be available.

Even if you only surf the internet for a short time or receive a few text messages, $10 per day could quickly add up. You can budget your costs by having a fixed cost for each day you use your device. Access to 4G/LTE abroad is also a great option if you require data for work purposes.

Monthly plans are one-off purchases that offer access to two levels for 150+ countries. On the Verizon website, you can view a complete list of tiered monthly and PAYG pricing.

  • TravelPass(sm), includes a domestic allowance
  • $70/mo provides 100 minutes, 100 sent text/unlimited received, and 0.5GB of data
  • $130/mo provides 250 minutes, 250 sent text/unlimited received and 2GB data

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T-Mobile International Plans

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T-Mobile makes international travel much more convenient by removing the need to worry about texts and calls. T-Mobile international cell phone plans make it easier to use data and text outside of the country with their international cell phone plans. It is easy to board a plane and get started using calls, text, and data.

Imagine you’re flying to a country and need to make hotel reservations. What if you didn’t have access to the internet or a calling service? T-Mobile, on the other hand, allows unlimited data and calls in over 210+ countries. The best part about T-Mobile is that you can access any service anywhere in the world. You don’t have to pay extra for international services.

Your package also includes in-flight benefits. You can get unlimited data and international sim cards, as well as an hour of unlimited WiFi and texting. T-Mobile offers in-flight data and texting, which is not available from other wireless providers.

T-mobile’s internet cell phone plans don’t offer unlimited international data or texting. You will be charged extra for each minute that you call when you make a call. You will be charged 20 cents per minute.

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AT&T Day Pass


AT&T is another option for those looking for the best international cell phone plans. AT&T has recently introduced an International Day Pass. You can access your domestic plan in over 100 countries for $10 per day. There is a $10 charge if the data is used outside of the 24-hour period. This is difficult to track when you have multiple apps updating.

Also, expect to pay $10 per day. Personally, I’m able to get unlimited data and texting at $10 per day while on vacation. This option is the most expensive, especially considering that AT&T sells a day pass per device. It would be quite costly for a family.

AT&T International customers welcomed the day pass as an addition to their plans. The only option available before the launch was the AT&T passports, which still exist and start at $60 per GB and $0.35 per minute.

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Google Fi International Plans

Google Fi

Google Fi claims to be one of the best international cell phone plans provider in the market. Google Fi is a wireless service that Google has created to help international travelers. It uses the cellular towers of Sprint and T-Mobile as well as US Cellular for coverage. Google Fi’s rates plans include international travel. They cost $20 per month for text and talk, plus $10 for every GB of data used. Data usage is round off to the nearest megabyte so that you only pay what you use. Google will stop charging you for data usage exceeding 6GB per month. This means you won’t pay more than $80. Unlimited data plans may appeal to you, but Google also offers a $70 option with unlimited text, talk, and data.

Google Fi charges the same fee for data usage whether you are on an unlimited plan or by the gigabyte. Voice calls cost 20c, but calls made over Wi-Fi will be charged at no extra charge. You also get unlimited SMS messaging.

Google Fi has become even more attractive now that it is available to all smartphones, including iPhones. Notably, phones that are optimized for Google Fi (Google’s Pixel phones and a bunch of Samsung phones including several Motorola budget phones) can seamlessly switch between cellular networks or Google’s Wi-Fi hotspots. Other phones cannot.

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Save on International Rates

It’s clear that your phone can be quite expensive if you use it outside the U.S. There are some things you can do to save money on these charges while abroad.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Although it may seem obvious, this is one of the best ways to save money. You can download music and movies without having to use cellular data with most phone plans.

Many hotels have Wi-Fi available for an additional fee. Enable your phone to connect automatically to the hotel’s signal while you are in your hotel. This will eliminate having to worry about international roaming fees. Many museums, restaurants, and public spaces provide free Wi-Fi outside of the hotel.

Use a Hotspot

There are many hotspots that cater to travelers. Skyroam is one of the most popular brands. Unlimited data is available for as low as $9 per day. Hotspots have a flat daily rate, so there are no extra charges for overages or different areas.

A hotspot typically provides unlimited data and is, therefore, more affordable than traditional international cell phone plans. This hotspot signal can be used to connect to your phone and make calls over Wi-Fi, download emails, or use your phone as a GPS. All this without worrying about data consumption.

A hotspot has one drawback: it’s an additional device that you have to take with you on your travels. Many travelers carry the hotspot on their belts or in their backpacks.

If you aren’t using your cell phone data, turn it off

Most cell phone plans will charge you for each day that you use text, talk, or data abroad. The higher the charges, the longer you use them. You might not need data on certain days. For example, you might be in an area where Wi-Fi is available all day, or you might be traveling to countries without a cell signal.

No matter what, if your cell signal is turned off (or you turn your phone into Airplane Mode as many do), your phone will not connect to any network. You won’t be charged for the day’s usage.

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