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aarp cell phone plans

AARP is one the most active organizations in the US. You can enroll at any time. Seniors can save money by using AARP discounts, which are available for everything from insurance to cellular service. Those over 50 years old can apply for AARP membership. They can enjoy a variety of AARP cell phone plans, discounts, and AARP cell phones designed for seniors.

The company currently serves 38 million members, with most leaving positive feedback. The AARP cell phone discount has seen a significant increase in AARP members over the last few years. While many cell phone discounts are only available for a short time, AARP offers a long-term discount on all your plans.

They may even be able to get discounts on both the phone and cell phone service.

What is AARP?

AARP was founded in 1958 with the mission to “empower people to choose how they live as they age.” It is an influential lobbying group in the U.S. focusing largely on issues affecting the elderly.

AARP Services, Inc., founded in 1999, is a wholly-owned taxable subsidiary of AARP that manages the range of products and services offered as benefits to members. At $16 a year, AARP has delivered value to its members through advocacy, information, and service.

Your complimentary 2-year membership includes discounts on dining, travel, and personal health, as well as deals on cell phone plans, hearing, and dental care. You can add a spouse/partner to your membership for no cost. Both of you will receive an AARP membership card, and you’ll be able to take advantage of all the benefits offered by AARP.

An AARP membership can save you money at your favorite stores and restaurants — as well as give you discounts on travel, phone plans, and more. In other words, for $1 per month, it’ll grant you fun discounts for things like audiobooks, mobile phone plans, even groceries, and food subscriptions.

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How Much Does An AARP Membership Cost?

The annual AARP membership fee is $16, regardless of whether you are joining or renewing. Auto-Renewal will save you money. It costs $12 the first year. Signing up for a longer-term membership can save you money.

One of the two ways to join AARP is to use one of these methods:

Online: Your AARP card will be sent to you by mail. This can take up to four weeks. You can also print your AARP membership card online if you prefer.

Phone: You can reach AARP at  (1-888-687-2277).

AARP Cell Phone Plans

Members of AARP can save money by signing up for a variety of phone carriers, such as Consumer Cellular and AT&T. These phone carriers offer discounts on phone plans, accessories, and cell phone deals to only qualified members.

People who are at least 50 years old can now register as an AARP member to gain AARP phone plans discounts on mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, and mobile phone plans.

AARP Members have the ability to choose from a wide variety of AARP phone plans that were specifically designed for seniors from popular brands. Here’s a preview of the available AARP cell phone plans for seniors.

Consumer Cellular AARP Phone Discount

consumer cellular AARP discount

Consumer Cellular offers special discounts for AARP members where they can get a discount of 5% per month for the cost of cell phone plans and a 30% discount on mobile phone accessories. Consumer Cellular’s great customer service, plan flexibility, and affordable pricing make them one of the best cell phone providers for seniors.

Consumer Cellular’s phone plans are some of the most affordable on the market, with unlimited talk and text plans starting at just $25. Plus, a special discount for AARP members means more savings.

Members of AARP who take advantage of the new Consumer Cellular line receive a massive $50 discount The warranty is not the only benefit. Clients also get a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Seniors prefer to use flip phones rather than standard phones from Consumer Cellular. You can also request additional phones, depending on your needs and desires.

They can be reached at Search Results (888-345-5509). Contact the Consumer Cellular Support team to find out more about the AARP cell phone discounts, senior discounts, accessories, and other phone deals. Ask about any other Consumer Cellular offers they may have.

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AT&T AARP Phone Discount

AT&T AARP discount

AT&T is a popular provider in the market for AARP members who want a better and more affordable discount plan. AT&T offers a unique partnership with AARP, which should give you the opportunity to receive a 10% discount each month. AT&T’s discount plans and plans don’t fit all unlimited plans. They offer a 10% discount for special customers.

AT&T offers members of the AARP 15% off eligible accessories and 10% off qualifying monthly wireless service charges.

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Lively AARP Phone Discount

Lively AARP discount

Lively is another notable provider of cell phones and deals for AARP members. It helps them to live a more comfortable life. Lively, a San Diego-based health technology company, is the main focus of Lively.

Lively offers discounted plans up to $60/year for select plans. You can choose from a Jitterbug Smart2 smartphone or a Jitterbug flip phone. They also offer the Lively Mobile Plus device as well as the Lively Wearable 2, which could be a lifesaver.

The senior citizen-focused company Lively offers AARP benefits regularly.

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Not an AARP member?

In case you are not qualified, here are the most affordable carriers that offer the best cell phone plans for seniors.

Tello Mobile

Tello Mobile

Tello offers the best AARP cell phone plan discount options. Tello is a great option for seniors looking for a wireless carrier with a variety of plans to choose from to find the best plan for them.

Tello allows customers to upgrade or downgrade their plans at no cost. There are no activation fees, overage, or administration fees.

  • $8/month – Unlimited Talk & text
  • $10/month – 1GB 4G LTE data, Unlimited Talk & text
  • $14/month – 2GB 4G LTE data, Unlimited Talk & text
  • $19/month – 4GB 4G LTE data, Unlimited Talk & text
  • $24/month – 6GB 4G LTE data, Unlimited Talk & text
  • $29/month – 8GB 4G LTE data, Unlimited Talk & text
  • $39/month – Unlimited 4G LTE data, Unlimited Talk & text

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Twigby isn’t a senior-specific phone plan company. However, they were included because they offer affordable plans to all. Twigby offers a wonderful combination of value and service. It is the perfect solution for customers who need unlimited talk and text but not necessarily data.

The company also offers a 25% discount on your first six months of usage. This promotion is great for keeping costs in mind and will make Twigby an exciting option for everyone. It’s hard to overlook Twigby with its strong network and low costs.

Limited Time Offer:

  • $6.50/month – Unlimited talk & text
  • $9.50/month – 1GB of 4G LTE data, Unlimited talk & text
  • $10/month – 3GB of 4G LTE data, Unlimited talk & text
  • $12.50/month – 5GB of 4G LTE data, Unlimited talk & text
  • $17.50/month – 10GB of 4G LTE data, Unlimited talk & text

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Bottom Line

Consumer Cellular is currently the best option for seniors who have an AARP membership. There are many wireless providers that offer discounts for seniors, and as we have mentioned, they often offer special deals.

Additionally, AARP membership is not required. However, they can inform you of the best cell phone carriers that offer the most discounts based on your membership.

You don’t need to be an AARP member to receive the Lifeline support. The Lifeline Assistance program will offer you much better deals (in most cases, free plans, and phones) than an AARP membership.

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